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Your New VR Cardboard works on all the major VR Platforms, VeeR, Facebook for Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, and more.

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Do you have a unit in mind no one has made yet? Create what you want to benefit your specific business.

The launching pad is here! You bring your idea the work will be done for you.

Amazing Custom Products


At last, see your company's artwork on custom branded VR Headsets.
Absolutely free. Email your logo today and your custom-designer will this for you fast, and free of charge. You pay nothing! Easy as sending an email.

Free Custom Design

New VR Cardboard

Designed for Your Business


Imagine meeting your clients in the comfort of their own home and exploring houses, plans and properties, in 360˚ Virtual Reality views. Virtual presentations can easily be prepared in your office without waste of travel time before taking them on a new-home tour. Through careful qualification of your clients wants and needs you are able pin-point the types of properties that suite their budget and taste. You Save time and money as your clients explore new living options, building plans, or prop

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Free yourself of heavy colored pages and difficult to carry materials. Eliminate boring walks across show room floors trying to find the perfect furniture. No need to overly imagine what color paint looks best in your master-bedroom or kitchen. Interior-design professionals, professional painters, landscape-artists can now have a big advantage when it comes to showing home-owners new home improvements.

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Does your business include vacation-holidays, special occasion trips or tours? Discover how easy your agents and sales reps can help your clients breakthrough the ‘daily-grind’. Many people know they need to ‘get-away’ and travel but don’t know where to go. Beautiful landscapes and scenic views with your New VR Cardboard Headsets gives your team the chance to share travel ideas, 360˚ degrees. More choices to offer your clients the perfect ‘get-away’, holiday-vacations or tour.

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Here is an amazingly simple gift suitable for most people. Nearly everyone these days has their own personal cell phone. New VR Cardboard with your personal brand can be the perfect gift. Event seminars, weddings, parties, or a business anniversary are just a few examples. Your VR Cardboard Gift Headset will bring alive memories of special occasions or let others explore the world of their choice.

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Amazing possibilities when it comes to education and training: Chinese language in Beijing, French studies in Paris, exciting history scenes, science adventures. Medical students can now visit operating rooms without disrupting surgery. Education is the corner-stone of a successful future for all and the possibilities are endless.

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Company and business training can be held in a 360˚ environment giving employees a learning advantage. Corporate training in the business field is becoming more important than ever. What separates great companies is not just knowledge but how the knowledged is shared and taught. Combined with relating to people your sales and marketing team can now add powerful visual content to help ‘close the deal’ and increase company revenue.

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Real Estate

Interior Design


Gift Planning


Business Training



Yes, trusted brands enjoy the benefits of New VR Cardboard. Your company can, too. You’ll be surprised how useful this affordable tool helps your clients and customers stay up to date with your business offers, promotions and company trends. 360˚ 3D videos and images will raise the value of all you share.


Your custom design products are environment safe. This means the paper in your custom VR Headsets are FSC Certified. All VR Cardboard materials are sourced from suppliers with proof they comply with high ethics and recycle requirements. Check out the reports!

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Easy to use in 3 simple steps:

1.OPEN... 2. PUT IN (phone)… 3.SHUT. 
Yes, it is that simple do use. In low-light environment, on a moving boat, or a simple favor you ask a young child. Your VeerCardboard with long-lasting, Velcro-type fastener is easy to use with any standard cell phone (Android / Apple up to 6”).



Imagine: amazing professional 3D videos made with a few clicks without breaking the bank or wasting your time. You’ll love this powerful video editor when you make complex looking, interactive VR, all made easy. Create exciting 360˚ videos without being an expert editor.



Protect your budget by only paying for what you want and need. Whether big or small the right solution will be found for you. You will always receive affordable and fair price-quotes according to what you can use and is good for your business.



Create your virtual reality experience once and let the automatic-distribution take care of the rest. All with the click of a button! Your videos can be launched to multiple platforms such as Facebook for Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality and more.



Free up your time. It only takes a few minutes to set up a professional looking VR, ‘test-video’. You can quickly see what works and what doesn’t. If needed you can simply make changes and check them until your final copy is ready to share. It is painless, fast and easy.



Your company has a vision. Do you want something built or created to fit your specific goals? Yes, you can get it done with your needs in mind. Share what you want to create and your customization-professional will work with you to bring it to life. In the unlikely event it cannot be built or created you will get advice on where to go. Yes, your company and business needs come first!



Custom VR Solutions

Custom Playlist

Do you have multiple videos to share which can help your business? Your custom playlist makes it simple. Target your specific business in the order you know is best for your clients and customers to view. Increase the promotion and response of your company in an easy to follow custom playlist.


Discover a fast solution to update your promotions and steer customers to new offers. This tag is a simple code which goes on the side of your Custom-Made VR Cardboard Headset. A fast scan of the code (NFC Tag) will allow users to quickly access content you want them to see. Best yet, your content, offers and promotions are easy to change without need of a new NFC Tag.

Content Creation tool

At last an easy way to make valuable content to help your company. Do you hate complicated processes when it comes to growing your business? Your Content Creation tool makes life smooth. With clear tutorials your staff members can create content fast, hassle free. and easy.

Licensed Content Library

Protect your business with licensed content without worry of breaking copyright laws.  

Your free to use content library has thousands of video clips and pictures. All content is set in groups and is easy to find. Business, sports, entertainment, real estate and much more. The library is perfect when you have few pictures and clips of your own.

Interactive Content Support

The truth is we all need help when growing our business. Free, interactive content support is at your fingertips. You will get the help you want when you need it. Escape wait times with instant chat and get help from a real person. You can call also! Avoid forums with general questions and answers and get direct help from your Interactive Content Support.

Ads Free (vs Youtube)

Yes, that’s right! Your videos will never have pop-up advertising from other companies. The truth is pop up Ads don’t help your business! Ads Free content allows your viewers to focus on what’s important, and that’s your message.

Free Custom VR App (iOS & Android)

Yes, Free Custom VR Apps specific for your business. Your branded App featured on various platforms brings more credibility and no-cost marketing to your company. Custom Apps increase trust as your brand is seen on more platforms. People searching for other apps in a similar category can easily notice yours. Make it easy for your followers to connect with your company and business offers at the click of your for free-download Custom App.


QR Code

Now is the time to take advantage of QR Codes. Smart phones have the ability to scan codes and people are used to using QR Codes when shopping, eating out, or signing up for promotions. What this means is the custom QR Code on the side of your New VR Cardboard Headset allows users fast access to your videos and content. A quick scan of your code and videos are available to watch in a matter of seconds.  

Custom Design

This is your business. You’ll love to know custom-design VR Cardboard Headsets are made exactly the way you want. Artwork, logos, slogans, brand-names, QR Codes and links are always yours, 100%. Made just for your company. Custom-Branded Headsets will never have small trademark or copyright symbols from another business without your permission (example: veer,, etc.) Break away from the competition with your own Custom-Design, New VR Cardboard Headsets!


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