The Truth about VR: Is It Safe?

Yes, VR Cardboard is safe. You will feel good to know watching Virtual Reality (VR) is safe and time tested for more than 15 years. VR headsets first hit the market place in the mid-90’s although they didn’t get consumers attention until 2016.

Since then more than a couple million VR Headsets (the higher priced models) are in the hands of users with more than ten million VR Cardboards in the marketplace today. Still, you can get the best from your New Custom Cardboard by learning a few things about safety below.

(1) Take breaks when using your VeeR Cardboard cardboard to avoid headaches or dizziness.

(2) If you experience nausea, eye strain, discomfort or disorientation before or after using of your VeeR Cardboard cardboard, please discontinue the use immediately. If any of the issues are of regular occurrence, please do not use any VR headset and consult a doctor before use.

(3) If the VeeR Cardboard is being used by a child, please make sure there is an adult supervising during usage.

(4) Do not use VeeR Cardboard whilst: walking, running or driving a vehicle of any sort. Please be especially careful in public situations. The same applies if you are being distracted from real life situations due to using your cardboard e.g. crossing the street.

(5) Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after using your VR cardboard.

(6) If you’ve had or could be prone to seizures, please check in with your doctor before using your VeeR Cardboard cardboard.

(7) Please note the rubber band should not be used as a head strap, this is only intended to prevent the phone from sliding out of the viewer. Using the rubber band as a head strap might hurt you.

(8) Do not leave the viewers in direct sunlight. Light through the lenses can cause risk of fires.

(9) Do not attempt to force open the unit or remove the lenses. Small pieces can become a choking hazard.

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