At Last, VR Goggles So Small You’ll Forget They’re in Your Pocket

Yes, you have discovered New Generation, pocket-size, Portable Goggles. These amazing mini-goggles ‘pack the same punch’ as larger VR devices without the bulk. You’ll be amazed as you turn a normal video into a front seat, 3D ‘movie theatre’. Your New Generation portable goggles are so cool you’ll never go back to the old-way of viewing content, unless you have to. 

Smooth operating, this mini-device is easy to open and slides over your phone in less than three seconds. The plastic base is coated with long lasting soft rubber so your screen is always protected. Because VR content is separated with a left and right screen the slim coated area that goes over your phone allows you to know exactly where to place the device so you get a perfect view every time.

This new design allows both sides of the viewer to open in a butterfly fashion at the same time and lock perfectly in place.


In the palm of your hand

Although you should always pay attention in class or stay productive at work these mini-goggles are so compact you can easily pass them to others without anyone noticing. Hold them in the middle of your palm anchored only by your thumb and slip these VR goggles to a friend while giving a simple handshake.  Or keep them in the box and slide them across the table. Half the size of a pack of cigarettes (and less expensive) you will always have VR content at your finger tips  when carrying VR cardboard, or your VR headset is not practical.

  • Easy to open and close


  • Smooth operating device


  • Butterfly mechanism


  • Soft rubber protects screen


  • Half size of cigarette pack


  • Easy to share and pass around


  • East to carry and portable


  • Pocket size VR Fits anywhere


Be careful when you buy mini-goggles because you don’t want to get the outdated kind. New Generation Portable VR Goggles is the solution when second-class VR just doesn’t cut it. You get first class views at low cost. Fast, easy to use and affordable.


Works with Google Cardboard