Discover Instant Attraction to Your Business

                            with the NEW 360 VR-Scope
Announcing 360 VR-Scope from VeeR. Catapult traffic to your business with a new method of sharing your VR Content. Imagine this amazing device in your business lobby or tradeshow booth as people pour forward to take a look. Instantly increase visibility and stand out from the crowd as the plug and play feature allows easy use for all.


Free from complicated setup steps your 360 VR-Scope is on standby every time a prospect, customer or client walks by. Three action steps and you are immersed in VR content: 

1. look into the viewer
2. choose content with a click of a button
3. view amazing content – instantly

Your New VR-Scope is Suitable for Everybody

The 360 VR-Scope is free from hard to use adjustments and without the bulkiness of headsets. This VR device will catch most eyes and is so easy to use you may have to limit the time each person peers into the scope. 

Made to last years, your 360 VR-Scope will stand the test of time. Store large amounts of data directly on the VR-Scope or simply use your smartphone or computer to update content from a distance. Use it as a display in your office, tradeshow, conference or any high foot-traffic area to bring more attention to your business.


Upload cool videos, 360 ̊images, promotions for your company, training material, education clips. The options are many. 

Don’t hate yourself for missing out on business that walks by your venue directly to your competitor. Attract new clients wherever you put your VR-Scope and increase you bottom line. It is fast, easy to use and affordable.

At last, a VR device that's Impossible to Walk Past... 

without Taking a Look Inside 

The 360 VR-Scope from VeeR is a classic looking device with 21st century virtual reality technology. Your new 360 ̊VR-Scope is guaranteed to add feeling to any space it is located and attract more attention to your business. Sleek in appearance the fine-gloss long-lasting paint and smooth design will match an upscale office setting, fit perfectly at a tradeshow, or add to the mood of nearly any environment. 

You will love the positive attention your 360 VR-Scope brings your business. Crisp and clear VR videos, 360 ̊images, cloud technology, cool design, optimal sound system all wrapped together in a virtual reality device that requires almost no maintenance. A true plug and 
play experience will encourage more people to enjoy the benefit of your VR content. 
The New 360 VR-Scope is the perfect addition for every true fan of VR and 360 ̊images. 


VR Headset Sepcification

Android 6.0.1

Snapdragon 820 Quad-core 202GHz


0° ~ 360°



Adreno 530




16GB , external 128GB Micro-SD Max.


2560x1440 5.5"

Horizontal viewing angle


Vertical viewing angle

Fied of view 

-40° ~ +40°

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